Press Release for Lost Pen Magazine

Well, everyone, the day is finally upon us. At long last2 months later than anticipated but right on God’s time-linethe Lost Pen Magazine will see the light of day. See below for details. 



Contact: Dyane Forde, founder of Christian Creative Nexus and Focus Writing Services




Greater Montreal, June 3, 2019—The Christian Creative Nexus (CCN), an online support and promotional resource for Christian creatives, and Focus Writing Services (FWS), a freelance writing and editing service dedicated to enabling writers, businesses, and organizations to produce exceptional written content, are publishing their first digital Christian arts and fiction magazine, Lost Pen Magazine. The publication will be free and available on Issuu and Mailchimp (PDF version).

The CCN and FWS hold that God expects His people to excel at producing good work, as what His people create is a reflection of Him. Lost Pen Magazine originated from the need to take supporting and promoting Christian Creatives to a higher level than what was possible via a website, and a desire to produce a wide-reaching publication with a reputation for excellence—evidence that Christians are highly creative and capable of producing top-notch, quality written and visual work. Ultimately, Lost Pen Magazine hopes to build up and motivate local and global Christian creative communities while reaching non-believers for Christ.

For more information about Lost Pen Magazine, the Christian Creative Nexus, or Focus Writing Services, please contact founder and editor Dyane Forde at


Author: Lost Pen Magazine

Forde’s love of writing began with an early interest in reading, and she particularly enjoys the classics, science fiction, and fantasy. Her life’s goal was to be an author, a milestone she achieved when she published Rise of the Papilion, an adult fantasy trilogy. Her short stories, flash fiction, poems, articles, interviews, guest posts, and devotionals have appeared in various magazines, blogs, and anthologies. She is the co-host of the Radiant Writers’ Community, a group dedicated to equipping writers passionate about sharing their God-inspired messages. She is the founder of Lost Pen Magazine, a resource established to help Christian creatives reach new audiences for God’s Kingdom. Forde also offers coaching and freelance editing via Focus Writing Services. Besides writing, editing, and publishing, Forde is a social worker, and she spends her free time maintaining her Japanese-language Duolingo streak and watching way too much anime. For information on the Lost Pen Magazine, the Spotlight Blog, submission details, and services offered, visit

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