Poetry: I’ll Go Where You Send Me


I’ll Go Where You Send Me

by April Ojeda


I’ll go where you send me,

I’ll write words you lend me,

But fall out of step on the way.

Distracted by options

And prone to disruptions

Oft veering off-course. God, I may

Run far off and leave you

Then call when I need you

I mean well—don’t trust me to stay.

Night terrors they haunt me,

Pursue and then taunt me;

Foes, ravenous, seek out their prey.

In grace you forgave me,

In mercy you saved me,

Absorbing a price I can’t pay.

New sense of direction

(From your resurrection)

Sets wandering feet on toward day.

So I’ll go where you send me

And trust that you’ll tend me,

Good Shepherd, teach me to obey.




About April Ojeda


Ojeda is an educator and writer from Oklahoma. She teaches high school English and children’s Sunday school. She lives in the Texas Panhandle with her husband and two children.

Contact Ojeda at eaojeda4@gmail.com.

Also, enjoy Ojeda’s poems, “be” and “Saturday Morning” in the Lost Pen Magazine.

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