Poetry: Cry to the Lord

Cry to the Lord

by Lynne Farmer

photo by  Diana Simumpande, Unsplash

I heard someone 

                crying the other night

                           as I lay safe in my bed

            to describe it seemed 

                    impossible but then 

               like a message sent in the night sounding out its call—

I could hear . . . the cry of a little boy 

                     as he lay on the filthy ground, 

                          rubbing the dirt from his face the other boys had thrown

                 trying his hardest not to cry 

                            while the other kids just stood and watched. . .

Oh, Lord, You see it all as You did once long ago

                hearing the boy’s plaintive cry

                          longing for him or anyone else 

            to cry out to the One who knows and understands.

            Then, the sounds of crying came again—

                         this time in a high school girl’s restroom

                   as a girl locked in a stall cries achingly, 

                        clutching the letter that made her doubt 

                                        everything, even herself,

            and some people saw her coming apart but only watched. . .

Oh, Lord, You see it all as You did once long ago

                hearing the girl’s plaintive cry

                          longing for her or anyone else 

            to cry out to the One who knows and understands.

Still again the picture changes to a hospital room 

                          where a grieving family awaits a miracle

                                      for their young son,

                          tears later flowing down as his body stills 

                                            yet his spirit soars on. . .

Oh, Lord, You see it all as You did once long ago

                hearing the family’s plaintive cry

                          longing for them or anyone else 

            to cry out to the One who knows and understands.

            One more time I heard crying in the night, 

                                              and then came

            the man hanging up on the cross in the middle of 

                                      two others crucified also, lamenting

                        “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me!?”

            Oh, Lord, You saw then your Son’s pain, 

                          felt His longing as Your own 

                          and could have touched his grief easily, 

            but You heard beyond the years. . .

To the cries of the little boy hurting on the hard ground

                    and Your Love helped him dust off the dirt, 

                            to stand and You walked with him 

                                 as he left the others behind.

And Lord, You could even hear the cries of the teenage 

                          girl as her whole being broke 

and Your heart grieved too, yet Your Love 

                         shone through to her later and she felt 

                   Your warm Hand in hers.

Yes, Lord, You heard and were there with the grieving 

                 family, also holding their hands, wiping each 

                              precious tear and filling their hearts with the peace 

                      of knowing they would see their son again someday.

Suddenly, I could hear where the cries were coming from

                   and found myself hurrying down the hallway.

            There, sitting up on the bed clutching his favorite

                               rabbit was my little boy. 

            Tears ran down his face and onto his heart 

                           that was about to break,

            For he had cried out in the darkness 

                            thinking he was all alone. 

Opening the door brought a shaft of light 

                     inside dispelling the darkness

            as I reached out to scoop him up into my arms. 

His bawling stilled after a few minutes 

                      as I sang to him a song about Jesus’s Love.

 He is too young to understand right now that 

            he is never alone.

We are all never alone in our joy or sorrow

                       because Jesus became the way to the Light 

                        when He died upon that cross for all of us. 

Believe in Him and thereafter will you feel 

                 the warmth from the light of God’s face 

                                                     shining upon yours. 

            For you see, He loves us with an 

                      unspeakable joy in an everlasting time,

            enfolding us into His ever-loving arms 

                              when we but cry out for Him,

                      our Savior and our Lord forevermore. . .

About Lynne Farmer

Farmer hails from Stillwater, Oklahoma. She is married, has three children, and works as a teacher in the Head Start program. Farmer has been writing since the age of thirteen and is hopes to see more of her work published.

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Author: Lost Pen Magazine

Forde’s love of writing began with an early interest in reading, and she particularly enjoys the classics, science fiction, and fantasy. Her life’s goal was to be an author, a milestone she achieved when she published Rise of the Papilion, an adult fantasy trilogy. Her short stories, flash fiction, poems, articles, interviews, guest posts, and devotionals have appeared in various magazines, blogs, and anthologies. She is the co-host of the Radiant Writers’ Community, a group dedicated to equipping writers passionate about sharing their God-inspired messages. She is the founder of Lost Pen Magazine, a resource established to help Christian creatives reach new audiences for God’s Kingdom. Forde also offers coaching and freelance editing via Focus Writing Services. Besides writing, editing, and publishing, Forde is a social worker, and she spends her free time maintaining her Japanese-language Duolingo streak and watching way too much anime. For information on the Lost Pen Magazine, the Spotlight Blog, submission details, and services offered, visit https://lostpenpublishing.com.

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