Patiently Waiting

Article by Anne Etim of OurSharedTales

Photo by Osama Saeed on Unsplash

We are all in a hurry to get somewhere in life. We have various goals and achievements we want to attain while we are still alive on this earth. Some of these “goals” and “dreams” get the best of us, especially when we are consumed with the desire to attain them as quickly as possible. We hardly hear or listen to the “still small voice” of direction and caution: “Where are you rushing to?” And if a friend were to ask us that question, we might find it somewhat offensive. 

But, really. Where are we rushing to? Are we living this life in competition?

The next best thing to desire in life is patience. It may sound confusing or unreasonable, but it is necessary. Without a doubt, there are many beautiful things in this world: ideas, inventions, and many steps to follow. But are we patient enough to be guided to the best, safest, and worthiest choice? Acting with patience is one way of letting God guide us and manifest His glory.

A minister once said, “If God were in a hurry to end the world, how many of us would be saved?” Many of us may not want God to be in a hurry for Judgement Day when we consider how many ways we failed or sinned. And we say, “Thank God, Jesus didn’t come today or yesterday. It’s another chance for me to do better.” With all the heartbreaking things that have happened in the world, God is patiently waiting for more of His children to return to Him so they may be saved.

If God is patient with us, can we be patient with Him to do His work in us and through us and at His own time? We all must take steps in life, big or small. We all must go through doors to reach our breakthrough and our heart’s desire. May our spirit be guided to the right door into the right path of life. Hastiness may urge us to act, pressuring us with anxiety, fear, bitterness, and broken hearts. If we are not careful, we may forget our source of salvation and sink into the deep hole of impatience.

Hesitation is not the lesson here; guidance from God is. When He orders our steps and guides our paths, we should not hesitate to march to where He leads us. We will surely arrive on time. 

Do you hear His voice saying, “WAIT JUST A LITTLE LONGER!”? If you do, do not harden your heart; be patient and walk with Him. That way, what you seek will land at your feet a hundred-fold. The longing and toil will have paid off because God gives His children His best. 

What more can we say to this awesome God? He is mysterious in all His ways, and He never sleeps nor slumbers, especially when His children are in need. With arms lifted high, with songs of praise on our lips, we shout to Him with joy, “I will wait for You until my soul is satisfied.”

About Anne Etim

Etim is a storyteller who loves to showcase her short stories and inspirational writing on her blog. When she is not spending time with her family and friends or running her business, she is diving deep into creative writing or reading a new favourite book. Visit Etim on her website, Instagram, or YouTube for more.

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6 thoughts on “Patiently Waiting

  1. Thanks for sharing this piece, Anne! Too often we are impatient because we don’t know what blessing await around the corner. But God knows.

    Maybe you should rename your magazine “Lost and Found Pen” for all the gems you’ve been finding for us!

    Liked by 1 person

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