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I’ll tell you a secret. My real name is Dyane Forde. I’m a social worker by profession and, by God’s grace, fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a writer and author. My short stories, flash fiction, movie and book reviews are posted on blogs, anthologies, and e-magazines, and I’ve had the privilege of guest blogging for others. I have also self-published an adult fantasy trilogy called, Rise of the Papilion. You can follow my writing journey and learn about my freelance writing and editing services by visiting Focus Writing Services. I also like to garden, cook, and bake—basically, I’m happy as long as I have a project to fiddle with.

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Since I’ve come to understand the importance of the Divine Purpose given to Christian Creatives, I’ve realized that my written works should be about more than pleasing myself or seeking worldly success. I am more convinced now than ever of the power of a writing ministry. For a list of the pieces I’ve since produced, please visit Articles and Guest Posts or see the Sidebar. You may also visit the original Delia Talent, a Christian Creative blog for my earliest posts.

Why Delia Talent?

Delia Talent is the alias I created to build my writing ministry though the Christian Creative Nexus website. (Click here to read my story). Granted, the blog is replete with writing-oriented posts, but that is mostly because, as a writer, it’s the creative world I know. However, my hope is to one day broaden the blog’s reach to other art forms.

*The meaning of Cordelia has been associated with ‘heart’ or ‘heart of a lion’. Lions are my favorite animals and mostly everything I write has to do with matters of the heart and relationships, so the name (Delia) seemed fitting. I chose Talent in reference to the biblical parable of the talents and the importance of using our God-given gifts (and talents) for His intended purposes. (Matthew 25:14–30). 

Thanks for joining me in the pursuit of our creative calling! Please peruse the site and know that it is open to Submissions.


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