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Welcome to my new venture and the realization of a dream: the creation of the Lost Pen Managzine, a free, digital Christian literary and arts magazine!

For a long time, I struggled to find a place for my writing which often straddled genre and literary fiction. As book clubs and magazines began popping up for Christian romance, speculative fiction, and fantasy it seemed there wasn’t much out there for writers and readers of short fiction and poetry that dealt with Christian themes in a thoughtful, reflective manner that didn’t involve aliens, zombies, or two starry-eyed lovers trying to find their way to each other against all odds. Also, digital magazines are easy to distribute, which appealed to my desire to feature and share top-quality writing pieces and visual art.   

So, I decided to create my own digital magazine to provide a platform for the ‘lost voices’ of Christian literary fiction writers and artists. I hope you’ll join this journey with me and support me as I put this project together.  


If you’d like to submit, please consider these points: 


– The theme for the first issue is deep unto deep, inspired by Psalm 42:7.

– I’m looking for poetry, short stories 2000-3000 words, articles related to Christian writing as ministry about 1500 words, art, and possibly interviews. 

– Not every submitted piece will be accepted. It’s possible I might have too many submissions for the issue or it’s possible that a submission doesn’t fit the theme. Also, if a submission is ‘almost there’, it’s possible I might ask for it to be tweaked or re-edited before making a final decision. It is also possible that submissions not accepted for the magazine could be considered for the Christian Creative Nexus blog.

– Also note that there are opportunities to purchase ad space in the magazine. Please contact me for information or visit our Facebook group (Lost Pen Magazine) for details.

*Note that advertising rates are low and are meant to cover costs incurred during the production and advertising/distribution of the magazine as well as to support the CCN website).




Regarding accepted submissions: the writer retains their rights to their submissions and gives the magazine the right to publish the piece and to share it.

A word about what constitutes ‘Christian writing’I’m looking for works that clearly have a Christ-related theme or connection. It’s important that this be a celebration of the One who gave us our gifts and talents and the opportunities to write. It’s also important that the content be this way to highlight the fact that Christians can write quality Christ-centered work. It’s also helpful to remember that the theme is Deep unto Deep based on Psalm 42:7.

Please send submissions to deliatalent@gmail.com or use the contact sheet below to get more information.


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