Meet LPM’s Editorial Team

Dyane Forde, Editor-In-Chief

Dyane Forde’s love of writing began with an early interest in reading and words in general. She is a self-published author (Rise of the Papilion trilogy) and the founder of Lost Pen Magazine and Focus Writing Services. Her stories, poems, articles, and devotionals appear in various anthologies and websites. Forde is also the co-founder and co-host of the Radiant Writers’ Community, a resource for Christian writers. In addition to writing and editing, Forde is a social worker. She lives in Montreal with her family and pets. Forde spends her free time maintaining her Japanese-language Duolingo streak. Learn more about her here.

Jenise Cook, Copy-Editor

Jenise Cook is a fourth-generation Californian who has called Arizona home for over twelve years. A daughter of the American Southwest, she finds inspiration for her writing and photography in the region’s history, people, and places. Cook earns a living through services she provides via She publishes stories and articles on various online journalsHer poem “Lifesaver” along with her photograph of the resurrected Christ appear in Issue 1 of Lost Pen Magazine. Visit her website for more information. 

Robert M. Starr1
Robert M. Starr, Proofreader

Robert M. Starr is a native Texan, who feels more at home in wild places than cities. Starr is married to Alyssa, and they have three grown children, and four grandsons. Starr now “lies for a living” by writing the kinds of fictional stories he likes to read, and he also writes the occasional bit of poetry. Starr’s two published novels, Until Shiloh Comes and A Walk in the Wilderness, have won awards. Starr’s new release, The Mountain Valley Wrangler, is a traditional western. Starr’s poem, “The Cross that Reached to Heaven” will appear in Issue 3 of Lost Pen Magazine. Visit Starr on Amazon  and Goodreads.

Lora Harvey, Proofreader

Lora Harvey’s lineage is full of creatives, so the love of reading, writing, and art comes naturally to her. She began writing short stories and poems at a young age, and she recently began the path of drafting her first book. Harvey also paints when words need to become visual and music hits her just right. Born in Colorado and raised mostly in Wyoming, she currently resides in Arizona with her two young adult children. Harvey’s short fiction piece “My Luxurious Hollow” appears in Issue 2 of Lost Pen Magazine, and she is currently working with other Christian writers on an anthology of the armor of God. You can visit her blog, My Lamp and Light, here.