What’s Stopping You?

THE SUBMISSION PERIOD FOR ISSUE 3 RUNS UNTIL MARCH 31, 2020. THE THEME IS REPENTANCE AND RECONCILIATION: “Come near to God, and He will come near to you . . .” inspired by James 4:8.

What’s stopping you from taking a chance and submitting your work, sharing your life experience, or testimony of grace?

People grow by reading and experiencing the trials and victories of others; we feel connected, understood, and encouraged. The Lost Pen Magazine serves to exhort and strengthen God’s children by providing a means to share and to receive these important and meaningful experiences.

So take a chance and see what God can do with your gifts. Draw near to Him in faith and be amazed at the results.

Check out our Home Page for details as well as to get free copies of our last 2 issues. We accept art, fiction, testimonies, devotionals, poetry, and more. Blessings! https://www.instagram.com/p/B95XLmTFbyf/?igshid=178so41c7c2l2

Submissions Are Officially Open

If you’re a Christ-centred creative and are serious about sharing your creativity with others, look us up!

Lost Pen Magazine is a free, digital, Christian art and lit magazine for those serious about serving God with their creative gifts. Submissions are open as of January 3. Visit our Submissions page for more info:

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