Meet Your Hostess: An Interview with JW/Fuzion Radio

Last night, I had the tremendous blessing of being featured on the Artist First Radio Network hosted by the amazing James and Wendy Barnes of JW/Fuzion Radio.   Doing an interview is challenging: you have to think fast on your feet while giving answers that are clear, that make sense, and that show your personality. James... Continue Reading →


Presenting: The Christian Creative Nexus

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to present the Christian Creative Nexus and my writing ministry to a local church. It was my first time doing this, and it was only with the support of my family that I got it done; my husband created those awesome banners (see above) through one of... Continue Reading →

Interview with John Finch, founder of The Perfect Father Ministries

A few weeks ago, I was honored to be invited by John Finch to write a story/testimony about the importance of fathers for the Encouraging Dads Project. John was kind enough to return the favor, and accepted to be interviewed for the Christian Creative Nexus. John is the founder of The Perfect Father Ministries, the umbrella... Continue Reading →

Author Interview with Larry Shackelford

Welcome to the Christian Creative Nexus, Larry. Can you begin the interview by telling us a little about yourself?  I was raised in southwest Missouri where, and shortly after receiving my college degree, I began working in a maximum-security federal prison. After two years, I continued my law enforcement career as a criminal investigator, residing... Continue Reading →

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