Getting Candid About the Lost Pen Magazine: Interview

My last Lost Pen Magazine interview before the big release day! Leah Lindeman chats me up about writing and editing, and we get into the nitty gritty this time: how I started writing; about my fears, worries, and challenges; what I hope to accomplish and why; what I hope people gain from the magazine; how I started the magazine and who helps out, are some of the topics discussed.

Out of the interviews I’ve done recently, I think this is the most candid one yet. Leah wanted it to feel like we were chatting over coffee, and I think we achieved that. Enjoy and be blessed!

Flash Fiction: Ascending


It’s cold underwater. Holding my breath, watching the bubbles bloat and pop in front of me before rising to the surface, I float in the deep. The sun sparkles from beyond the water’s surface, bright yellow, warm, golden. And I know he is also there, so close and yet so far away.

I hadn’t meant to fall. I’d been walking with that man across a mirror-smooth sea. We’d met on the road, and he’d invited me to follow him, promising that together we would do amazing things. We hadn’t known each other long, but the man spoke plainly and there was no lie in his eye. Besides, I was looking for something to do. And once we started across the sea, the still waters as reflective as glass, I could only become more excited about what was to come. So I followed the man, listened to his words. Basked with him in the sun.

But the waves suddenly arose. They were fierce, merciless. They seemed to have a spirit of their own and clawed at my feet, sloshed over my shoes, tugged at my socks. The waves crashed higher and louder. I looked at the man. All around him the waters were calm. I called for help. He answered but, overcome with dread and spray, I couldn’t hear what he said. As the waters rolled over my head, the last I saw of him were his troubled eyes, watching.

Now, the abyss waits below. Cold radiates from the ocean’s depths, chilling my toes and creeping up my legs. Inch by inch, the freeze envelops my flesh. I am unable to move; I cannot think for the pain. The sea pulls me deeper into its bosom.

Our beautiful journey is over. And so, here, now, I will meet an end fitting for one who fails.

Failure is part of the journey.

Warmth pours down from above, pushing back the cold.  

Did you think that the way forward would always be so smooth?

I was afraid to answer. Something is the steady flow of heat spreading in my chest told me he already knew.

Learn from this, for the way is not always so easy for those who follow me. Now rise, and come to me.

The ice had completely melted away. Unburdened, I kick my legs and ascend.  


(c) 2019 Delia Talent (Dyane Forde)

Trusting God with our Dreams

It’s been a while since I’ve posted! But I haven’t been idle. In fact, there are so many projects going on outside of the blog that for a while I thought I might have to stop the blog altogether. But I’m (still) learning that living the Christian life requires simple faith and obedience, and that our vision is entirely limited to what we can see. Thankfully, God exists above and beyond our limited view and has everything under His control. So, while I was finishing my copy-editing course at Simon Fraser University while worrying about how copy-editing will fit in with my regular job, my blogs, writing, the church group I just started, and other interesting opportunities in the local Christian community (including script-writing for 316Films), God was like, “Delia, just relax. I’ve got it!”

So, this brings me to this post. Last week I launched my freelance writing and editing service under my rebranded website Focus Writing Services. That alone was a major leap of faith. Then, last Friday, the door opened to do something that has been in my heart for a while; a project I had put on the ‘impossible’ pile because I just couldn’t figure out how someone like me could do it. But, during an interview with Diane K. Bell of Legacy Lane Publishing (stay tuned for more exciting news about my collaborations with her!), Diane asked about my dreams. I hesitated a minute and then said, “I want to publish a Christian literary e-magazine.”

Once I said the words, the dream suddenly didn’t seem so impossible. I started to think, “Well, over the years, God has enabled me to do lots of things I had thought impossible. Why should this be any different?” Can you see why speaking the truth is so important? Why it’s important to acknowledge God’s faithfulness and goodness in our lives? The truth sets us free (John 8:32); it silences the enemy’s lies and stirs up our faith in the One who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ever think or imagine (Eph. 3:20).

This led me to understand something profound, and it’s something I hope will encourage you. Sometimes we moan and groan about not having vision or a clear sense of direction. This uncertainty paralyzes us and prevents us from taking action. In this situation, I realized that God gives us the answers we have been praying for, but our unbelief prevents us from taking that first step of faith. Unwittingly, we fall into disobedience because of fear! And then we blame God for not answering our prayers! Now, I’m not saying to rush out and make reckless decisions. I’m saying that if you feel stuck or feel confused, maybe God is waiting for your answer—to choose to trust Him and to act on what He has revealed to you.


In this case, I have decided to trust God and to publish that e-magazine. I took a risk and broached the topic in one of my Facebook writing groups and the response was immediate and almost overwhelming. I created a group the same day in order to regroup everyone who expressed an interest and to simplify communicating with them. Then came the challenge of finding a name that wasn’t already taken! Wat a feat! But I settled on the Lost Pen Magazine.

Why the Lost Pen? Real quick, it’s to feature an area of Christian writing that is almost invisible (Christian literary fiction). I want to find these writers and enable their voices to be heard in the media.

So, I hope you are encouraged and fired up to take a second look at what God has been speaking to your heart, and after seeking His wisdom will be ready to take definitive steps towards taking on that ‘impossible’ project, or resurrecting the one you shelved. Please, don’t shy away from your divine calling! You have a role in God’s kingdom that is tailor-made just for you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! If you’d like more information, email me at or join the Facebook Group.  And please, keep me in your prayers! 


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