Flash Fiction by Madison Wheatley

This is a repost from the original Delia Talent, Christian Creative blog. It’s contains a testimony and story that moved me so much I wanted to share it again on the new blog so that others could experience it as well.

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Madison Wheatley, Writer: When God Gives Beauty For Ashes



Birth of Delia Talent

This is a repost where I share how and why Delia Talent Nexus came to be. Click here to read the post.


The Big Move

A few weeks ago, I started a blog for Christian Creatives on another blog platform. I wanted to offer a means for us to collaborate, reach audiences, develop our skills, find inspiration,  and network all while growing in our relationship with God. The response was extremely positive and the site and participation quickly grew.

As the weeks progressed, I came to the conclusion that the contributors deserved access to a larger audience, so I decided to move the blog to WordPress. And so, here we are.

By Nick Huk https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ (Blog title added)


I truly hope you will enjoy the content on this blog. There is an assortment of writers and visual artists, photographers, and more waiting to share their work with you. I invite you to peruse the Menu Sidebar for more information about the blog, myself (your hostess), and how you can participate, too.

To see past posts, please visit the Wix Delia Talent site.

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