Music Monday: “Background” – Lecrae feat C-Lite

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kinds of posts to add to the blog, and one topic that frequently comes to mind is how to deal with disappointment. Disappointment when our dreams don’t turn out the way we expect, disappointment when we don’t get that deal, contract, interview, or whatever. Disappointment that we aren’t as popular or as successfuls as someone else. 

Or, the opposite. What if success suddenly falls into our laps? Are we ready for it? Do we have the supports and structures in place to survive a sudden influx of work and responsibilities? Can our egos cope with it? What about our family and friends?

There are tons of variables, too many to name. But the one thing that remains true is that whatever our situation, we need to submit to God. He knows the plans He has for us, knows the timing for each aspect of that plan, and has measures put in place to support us in failure and in success.

If we look to Him, submit our plans, hopes, and dreams to Him, we can accomplish our work with the full confidence that He is managing everything by the power of His more than capable hands.

I love this song Background by Lacrae (feat. C-Lite). I’ve listened to is many times but yesterday it really hit me. Probably because I also need constant reminding to trust God with everything and to look for Him for my success.

I hope you enjoy the song. The lyrics are included, which will make it easier to follow. Please listen with an open mind and heart. If we truly give our hearts, gifts, and talent to God, there’s no limit to what He can do with us.

Blessings on this Monday morning!

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