Inspiration Music Monday: Pioneer, by Honeytree

Last Saturday, my family gathered at my aunt and uncle’s for a night of praise and worship. It was the first time in a long time that we had met up for this, and I was excited to go. 

We sang a bunch of different songs. Some were old and brought back a ton of memories. I mean, I haven’t heard Ron Kenoly or Carmen songs in about 15 years! Then there were wonderful and surprising worship songs from Nigeria and a beautiful song by Leonard Jones I had never heard before called, Bless the Lord.

Then we listened to a song I found especially lovely and, again, it was one I hadn’t heard before. You know, there are many types of singing voices. Every now and then, there comes a voice that is so clear and clean it resonates. Honeytree has one of those voices and I knew the moment I heard the song that I wanted to share it.

So, as I did for Colton Dixon‘s post, I suggest listening to the song without the video first in order to focus on the lyrics. Then listen again and enjoy the video.

Beautiful song. Beautiful voice. Be blessed on this wonderful Monday!

Poem: Clouds

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything creative since I started this blog. Writing, like any art or craft, must be practiced. I still write a lot, but producing blog posts and About Me pages uses different skills and parts of the brain than what is needed to world-build or create memorable characters. So, it seemed only natural to begin to worry…

I recently created a string of visual prompts for the Speculative Christian Writers group I co-lead on Scribophile.  One of the images in particular caught my attention, but it triggered a mood not a story. I was stuck because I didn’t know what to do with the feeling it stirred in me.

This morning, I decided to sit down and write something, anything, to break out of this creative dry spell. Instead of a story came this free-form poem. I’m not a poet. But I find that, for me, feelings are more easily expressed in this form.

Is it an inspirational poem? I wouldn’t say so. But it does represent how I feel this mornig. And, I suspect there are others out there feeling something similar. So, I share it this morning to encourage those who trust God even if they don’t know what He has in store for them, for those who are confused, frustrated, feeling down, and who just want to know they aren’t alone.




I know you’re there.


beyond the clouds.

Arrayed in white light,

Inhabiting a world

beyond understanding.

King of the universe

Lord of all.

My Father,

And, my God.


I know this.

But I am small.

The distance between us so great,

I cannot see you

At all.

You’re light is bright,

But clouds


When I reach for You,

Emptiness abounds.


I stand on the cusp of a mountain,

An island between worlds.

If I throw myself to the Void

Would you catch me?

If I command these stones to become


Would You feed me?


If I raise myself up,

Would You praise me?


You see me.


I see, too.

Clouds on the inside

Clouds on the outside.

I will stand,

And await

Your wind.


Delia Talent April 24, 2018

Music Monday: ‘Never Gone’, by Colton Dixon

I remember Colton Dixon from his stint on American Idol a few years back. Aside from his style, which was edgy for AI norms, he hadn’t really caught my eye. I think I had some idea from the backstory packages the show presents that he came from a Christian background, but for a while, to me he was just a contestant with a great voice who killed it on the piano.

That changed one evening. Maybe I was less distracted, in the mood for a great piano performance, or maybe his hair was particularly cool that night, I have no idea. But I was focused. Colton sat at the piano and I sensed there was something…different going on. He began to play, then sing, and I was mesmerized. You know when you can tell the signer means each word and note with every fiber of their being? It felt like he was singing to God, worshiping God on international TV, and we, the audience, were invited to listen in.
I remember watching the performance and thinking, “Alright, then, Mr. Dixon. I will remember you.”

Actually, I forgot him. For a while. But when Spotify came around, I decided to look him up. There are a lot of good songs on his albums, but one in particular, Never Gone, hits me in the heart every time. Even if I don’t sing the whole song when it comes on, I can’t help but join in at the song’s climax:

“‘I never ever left you, never ever left you, no’
He said, “I never ever left you, never ever left you, no”
Jesus never ever left you, never ever left you, no.
He sees us even in the darkness
Now you know you’re not alone.”
Colton Dixon, Never Gone

Every time I listen to it, I am overcome with God’s grace, goodness, and faithfulness. I think about everything He has delivered me from, everything he has forgiven, and am filled with joy.

I hope you’ll listen to the song. I saw the video for the first time today, and it’s powerful. But I suggest first listening to it without the video to see how it stirs your heart personally. Then, watch the video. And maybe have some tissues nearby.

Do you have an inspirational song you’d like to share, or have featured on the blog? Leave me a message to let me know.
Blessings this Monday morning!

The Big Move

A few weeks ago, I started a blog for Christian Creatives on another blog platform. I wanted to offer a means for us to collaborate, reach audiences, develop our skills, find inspiration,  and network all while growing in our relationship with God. The response was extremely positive and the site and participation quickly grew.

As the weeks progressed, I came to the conclusion that the contributors deserved access to a larger audience, so I decided to move the blog to WordPress. And so, here we are.

By Nick Huk (Blog title added)


I truly hope you will enjoy the content on this blog. There is an assortment of writers and visual artists, photographers, and more waiting to share their work with you. I invite you to peruse the Menu Sidebar for more information about the blog, myself (your hostess), and how you can participate, too.

To see past posts, please visit the Wix Delia Talent site.

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