Poems to Reflect on God’s Goodness

how i see God

being silent

i listen

these two

acts are 


and the 



then i see


i (can)’t


(with) my

eyes or hear

with (my) mind or…


over coffee

i am listening

to the silence 

of the morning

drinking coffee

thinking thoughts

of things not seen

i reach to return

the cup to saucer

on the table

before me

with my other hand

i reach for the napkin

my instinct

is to wipe my lip’s

drips of coffee

that flow down

the side of the cup

but in this moment

i realize

my cup running

over is a blessing

looking through the wind-

ow i see more 

and more as i 

hear Him speak

beyond the breeze

streaks stroke my cheeks

i reach to wipe

but instead breathe.

About Adrienne N. Wartts

Wartts received her M.A. in American Culture Studies at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Her poetry has appeared in the journals Diverse Voices Quarterly, PEN, and Reverie, as well as the poetry anthologies Encounters and Ocean Voices. She is currently a writer at the University of Massachusetts. For Wartts’s photography portfolio, visit her website.

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Poetry: Caterpillar

Poem by Ruth Long

Image by  Krysten Merriman on Unsplash

I am a caterpillar 

Perched upon God’s hand.

The more I learn His fingerprints,

The more I trust His plans.

Though I am small and not full grown,

His steady hold will stay. 

And let me walk along His hand,

And carry me all the way.

About Ruth Long

Long is a home-educated student born in Cheshire, UK. Her current abode is a large Québécois brick house. Her hobby is writing whimsical and thought-provoking literary works. She studies apologetics and loves talking with neighbours from everywhere. Long penned “Caterpillar” while on a walk and hopes it encourages anyone who reads it. 

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