Poetry: Into the Storm

Poem by Jenise Cook

Photo by Jenise Cook (Pixabay)



Sometimes the signs lead me into the storm.

You hold me when I lean into You

as You lead me on the right path,

shining Your light in the dark.

Gripping Your shepherd’s staff

Your voice guides me for

You are the way

and the truth;

life and


Some thoughts about this poem:

The form of this free verse is sometimes called “sonnetina” or “decastitch”.  This free-verse poem is inspired by a photo I took which you can download for free on Pixabay.com.

The north-central highlands of Arizona (where I live) possess wide open spaces where thunderstorms embellish the views with abandon. When I first opened this image on my computer I gasped, pleased at the result. I asked it to speak to me. The image encouraged me to express hope in the midst of life’s storms.

Sometimes, the circumstances of life require me to walk through stormy times. I don’t like it, and yet I know that I don’t walk alone. The Lord Jesus Christ, my Good Shepherd, walks with me. Always!

What has inspired you to keep walking through life’s storms? Let us all know in the Comments.

About Jenise Cook

Cook is an author, copy-editor, photographer, and creative maker. A recovering native southern Californian, she lives in rural northern Arizona with her fine artist husband. They enjoy hiking and camping. Jenise is often on Twitter. You can find a list of her published works on: www.JeniseCook.com.

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Creativity, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

(Image by Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay)

Creating the Lost Pen Magazine enabled me to meet some wonderfully creative people. In the process of producing Issue 1, I became better acquainted with Jenise Cook, a photographer, writer, poet, and so much more. Her poem ‘Lifesaver’ appears on page 15, and that spread was one of my favorites to create; one, because I love the poem, and two, because I love the photograph. 

One day, I received a surprise from Jenise. She emailed me to tell me that she was ‘sending something in the mail’ and that it should arrive before Easter. I was so excited! I love getting mail, especially in this world of email and instant communication. Sadly, due to slowdowns related to the pandemic, I received the package late. However, that did not diminish the blessing of what I received.

She had turned her photo and poem into an Easter card!








I think it’s amazing how an idea can start off one way and transform into something else. When inspiration hits, there is no limit to creativity and innovation.

I hope you are inspired today. Maybe you should take out that old project you had given up on, or take another look at that current project you’re struggling with. It might not be time to give up on it yet. Inspiration and creativity may be right around the corner!


If you’d like to support Jenise Cook or learn more about what she does, please visit her site here.


The Lost Pen Magazine is Available Now

The day has finally arrived! The Lost Pen Magazine, the result of a dream to feature Christian creatives that started around Christmastime 2018, is seeing the light of day.

This has been a collaborative effort: I had the help of Jenise Cook as contributor and associate editor, Amy Hands, my sister and experienced magazine designer, and my husband, Sam, a gifted and super patient graphic designer, on my unofficial production team. But I’m also extremely grateful to the artists, writers, and poets who trusted me with their content–content which is simply outstanding and wonderfully God-centred. 

I hope you enjoy the magazine. You can view it below in the Issuu viewer (click on the arrow to begin) or visit our landing page for access the PDF version. Please share it with your friends and family, churches, and unbelieving friends who might find the comfort and support in the contents. Also, let us know what you think. Feedback is a blessing and also helps us know how to improve on the upcoming issues.


Visit the Lost Pen Magazine Page for submission and other information.

Blessings and grace to you all this Monday morning.



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