Music Monday: “Background” – Lecrae feat C-Lite

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kinds of posts to add to the blog, and one topic that frequently comes to mind is how to deal with disappointment. Disappointment when our dreams don’t turn out the way we expect, disappointment when we don’t get that deal, contract, interview, or whatever. Disappointment that we aren’t as… Read More Music Monday: “Background” – Lecrae feat C-Lite

Repost: Creative Boundaries by Dan Balow

I recently came across this thoughtfully written article about boundaries in our writing by Dan Balow, agent at THE STEVE LAUBE AGENCY. Click here to read the article. Everyone has an opinion on the topic. Is this appropriate to write about? Can I or should I write about…? Why shouldn’t I push boundaries? Older generations/more conservative thinkers need open… Read More Repost: Creative Boundaries by Dan Balow