Poetry: Oh, Lord, Where Ya Been?

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Oh, Lord, Where Ya Been?

Poem by Doc Dalton

Been hiding out, lost, and confused for some time now,

Not knowing which way to turn, or what to even say.

Hurt by life’s bumps and bruises, struggling more every day,

Hanging on by the tips of my fingers so I won’t slip and fade away.

Sadly, I’ve been stumbling while searching for a clue,

Screaming like hell to the Heavens above in search of You,

Looking for a sign while taking life’s shots on the chin. What have I done that was so wrong? How bad was my sin?

The road has a been long one, and my journey’s been dark,

One that I felt would betray me and tear me apart.

This same journey I never dreamed I would be taking,

I beg of you, Lord, please don’t let me be forsaken.

Oh, Lord, where Ya been?

I’ve been crying out in search of You once again,

Standing here worried and scared, waiting just for You,

Lord, I beg of You one more time, please pull me through.

Sometimes God takes us on a journey to bring us where He wants us to be,

One that is long, confusing, and, at times, blinding to where we cannot see.

While the journey may be long, the travel is worth it—at least it was to this old fool,

Now I know You’ve been with me all along, even when life seemed so cruel.

Oh, Lord, now I know where Ya been.

Beside me all the while, guiding me once again.

Thank You for Your love, and thank You for pulling me through.

Please know, Jesus, this old fool always needs You.

About Doc Dalton

The Depressed Poet Doc Dalton has suffered from depression for over 30 years. Doc says poetry was a gift from the Lord because, while writing, his mind relaxes from the craziness and lets the calm walk in. Dalton is also the host of the podcast The Coffee and Prayer Series, “Where a Good Cup of Coffee, and Some Quiet Prayers Can Change the World.” Visit Dalton on his website for more information.

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Poetry: Gathering Joy

Image by Melissa Askew from Unsplash


Gathering Joy

by Veronica McDonald


I gather joy

around me like a blanket.

You feel as warm as kindergarten

like a gentle cotton cloud

against chubby baby fingers

covered in white paste.

Like that feeling called home

when home wouldn’t do.

An invisible best friend

as natural as nature itself

like everything was made by You

for You, of You, even the strings

keeping time in my heart.

You pluck one and all stress

is unraveled in music

like the undressing of a sweater

too warm, too tight

for this life.

You knit and unknit the

stitches from where I tore myself

in the patches You wanted to heal⁠—

You made my threads, You

know how they go⁠—

only You can fix me

bring me back into



About Veronica McDonald

McDonald is a poet, fiction writer, artist, and the editor/founder of Heart of Flesh Literary Journal. She became a born-again Christian in July 2016 when Jesus saved her from anxiety, depression, and a nihilistic worldview. Learn more about her work on her website and Facebook.

Poetry: I’ll Go Where You Send Me


I’ll Go Where You Send Me

by April Ojeda


I’ll go where you send me,

I’ll write words you lend me,

But fall out of step on the way.

Distracted by options

And prone to disruptions

Oft veering off-course. God, I may

Run far off and leave you

Then call when I need you

I mean well—don’t trust me to stay.

Night terrors they haunt me,

Pursue and then taunt me;

Foes, ravenous, seek out their prey.

In grace you forgave me,

In mercy you saved me,

Absorbing a price I can’t pay.

New sense of direction

(From your resurrection)

Sets wandering feet on toward day.

So I’ll go where you send me

And trust that you’ll tend me,

Good Shepherd, teach me to obey.




About April Ojeda


Ojeda is an educator and writer from Oklahoma. She teaches high school English and children’s Sunday school. She lives in the Texas Panhandle with her husband and two children.

Contact Ojeda at eaojeda4@gmail.com.

Also, enjoy Ojeda’s poems, “be” and “Saturday Morning” in the Lost Pen Magazine.

Poem: Shield


 by Scott J. Toney


I believe as I am standing on the cusp of molding fate

that the strength of my resilience is enough to extinguish flame

that the darkness in the room can be driven through the doors

that with God by my side I can grow wings and can soar

I believe where I have failed a thousand times before

I can stand firm

I can hold

I can brace the final door

That the phoenix that arises will be white with feathered wings

that my soul will rest within me

then will bloom, a rose in Spring,

never wilting in the Winter or burning in Summer’s rays

but filled with life and shielded in God’s eternal Spring.


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