Video Testimony: The Bakery Jesus Built

I love this short video about one woman's complete trust in her Lord to bring to life the dream He put in her heart.  The key to success, I think, is realizing that the Holy Spirit will bring our Father's plans to fruition, not necessarily our own. The trick is to:  Colossians 3:2 (NIV) 2 Set your... Continue Reading →


Stepping Out in Faith

Stepping Out in Faith by Lela Markham   The other day I was explaining to someone how the process of a discovery writer works for me. I don’t often know where the characters are going to take the story until we get there. I sometimes know the broad strokes. So, for example, I might know... Continue Reading →

Confessions From the Science Lady

Not every act of creativity involves writing or publishing books, composing a song, or painting. There are many unsung 'creative heroes' who use their creativity, skills, and passion to communicate the love of Jesus to others in different ways.  Today's guest is a woman who is dedicated to teaching children about Christ through the Vacation... Continue Reading →

Interview with John Finch, founder of The Perfect Father Ministries

A few weeks ago, I was honored to be invited by John Finch to write a story/testimony about the importance of fathers for the Encouraging Dads Project. John was kind enough to return the favor, and accepted to be interviewed for the Christian Creative Nexus. John is the founder of The Perfect Father Ministries, the umbrella... Continue Reading →

The Father Effect Repost: Fathers, Never Forget Your Importance

Thanks to John Finch of The Father Effect, a ministry that seeks to support fathers in their God-given role as well as foster restoration of the father-child relationship, for the chance to write this article-testimony for them. Click the link to read the post, and be blessed! Also, stay tuned! An interview with John... Continue Reading →

Repost: Five Sticky Words — Piece of Mind

For about three days at the beginning of April, I was surrounded by people who write, edit, illustrate, rearrange, print and sell words. Attending the annual Evangelical Press Association convention, always the professional highlight of my year, I was in my element. I likely spoke many more words in those three days than I normally […]... Continue Reading →

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