Discouragement: 7 Ways to Respond

Discouragement: 7 Ways to Respond  by Faith Rogers photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash During this difficult season, many people have been launching their brands, starting a business, investing, studying for exams, writing books, or just growing in God. All of those ventures are wonderful. However, fighting to get back up when you feel discouraged is difficult. Many… Read More Discouragement: 7 Ways to Respond

In God We Trust—But Do We Really? Learning to Let God Handle Our Busyn – Armor Of God Coffee

If you’re a goal-driven person struggling with anxiety, stress, busyness, and learning to trust God, this post may be just what you need… Thanks to Armor of God Coffee for publishing this devotional on their blog. https://www.armorofgodcoffee.com/blogs/armor-up/in-god-we-trust-but-do-we-really-learning-to-let-god-handle-our-busyness

The Naked Beauty of Winter Trees: When Words Won’t Come

Here in Durban, South Africa, we don’t really have a winter. Temperatures drop no lower than 9 or 10 degrees Celsius (48 or so Fahrenheit) and the trees, many of which are tropical succulents, remain green all year round.  In contrast, when visiting the UK over Christmas at the end of last year, where temperatures… Read More The Naked Beauty of Winter Trees: When Words Won’t Come