Repost: NKJV Study Bible Review

If you're looking for a new Bible, Lois Rodriguez's review of the new NKJV Study Bible is probably what you are looking for. Click here to read it.   Lois Rodriguez is a blogger and reviewer at where you'll find her sharing thoughts on intentional and practical parenting from the perspective of a foster and adoptive mom.


Interview with Wendy L. Cunningham Barnes

Welcome to today's interview! When I learned that the intrepid and multi-talented Wendy L. Cunningham Barnes was also an advocate for the special needs community, I was more excited than ever to interview her. As a social worker who has spent the last 10 years working with this community, her story resonated with me. So,... Continue Reading →

Dyane Forde on The Flashback Show

Thanks to Noble Acquah for interviewing me on the Flashback Show!

Also, check out the video below for my video commentary about serving the Lord in the workplace as a social worker while building the projects He’s put in my heart. 🙂 Enjoy!


My guest for todayonTheFlashbackShowisDyaneForde, a Canadian writer, author, blogger, and editor. She has self-published 3 books, a fantasy trilogy called Rise of the Papilion, and manage 2 websites on writing-related topics.
Please tell us something about yourself?
Guest:My name is Dyane Forde. I’m a Canadian writer, author, blogger, and editor. I have self-published 3 books, a fantasy trilogy called Rise of the Papilion, and I manage 2 websites on writing-related topics.
In addition, I am a social worker. I studied social work at McGill University in Montreal and have worked at various community groups and government institutions for 20 years. Currently, I work with people with intellectual and physical disabilities and autism.
I am also a Christian, and was saved at the age of 12.
How was your growing up?
Guest: As mentioned above, I was 12 when I came to…

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Book Review: Seasons in the Garden

Through books, writers can share wisdom and their life experiences with others. Judging from the following comments, Seasons in the Garden, by Sandra Fischer, is one of those books that does this successfully and in a manner that readers appreciate.    About the Author: Sandra Fischer taught high school English and owned a Christian bookstore... Continue Reading →

Meet Your Hostess: An Interview with JW/Fuzion Radio

Last night, I had the tremendous blessing of being featured on the Artist First Radio Network hosted by the amazing James and Wendy Barnes of JW/Fuzion Radio.   Doing an interview is challenging: you have to think fast on your feet while giving answers that are clear, that make sense, and that show your personality. James... Continue Reading →

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