Inspiration Music Monday: Pioneer, by Honeytree

Last Saturday, my family gathered at my aunt and uncle’s for a night of praise and worship. It was the first time in a long time that we had met up for this, and I was excited to go. 

We sang a bunch of different songs. Some were old and brought back a ton of memories. I mean, I haven’t heard Ron Kenoly or Carmen songs in about 15 years! Then there were wonderful and surprising worship songs from Nigeria and a beautiful song by Leonard Jones I had never heard before called, Bless the Lord.

Then we listened to a song I found especially lovely and, again, it was one I hadn’t heard before. You know, there are many types of singing voices. Every now and then, there comes a voice that is so clear and clean it resonates. Honeytree has one of those voices and I knew the moment I heard the song that I wanted to share it.

So, as I did for Colton Dixon‘s post, I suggest listening to the song without the video first in order to focus on the lyrics. Then listen again and enjoy the video.

Beautiful song. Beautiful voice. Be blessed on this wonderful Monday!

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